DoubleD Claim

The DoubleD Claim has been described by many as “The Hottest place for Gold anywhere in the State”.  The claim has lots of area to prospect and plenty of room for camping.  The claim is open year round but is subject to the occasional flood, so please keep an eye out during times of heavy rain.

Double D Claim North

DoubleD North Claim Pics

The DoubleD Claim North is an addition to the Double D property.  The addition starts north of the bridge and stretches 1600ft upstream on one half of Straight Creek, property line is the center of the creek.  We have access to side opposite the road which is the east side or the right side if you are looking upstream.  Access and parking for this area is via the existing Double D claim camping/parking area.  See specific claim rules below.  Absolutely no parking on the road for access to this area.  The road is only a single lane and needs to support school bus traffic.  Please be respectful to our neighbors.

Claim is open all year.


NE of Georgetown, OH on Day-Hill Arnheim Rd.
Address and exact location is in the OSPA Members Board in the forum

Claim specific Rules to be observed while at the Double D claim.  The club rules still apply to all members and guests.

1. Claim is open year round.
2. The entrance is in front of the house in pictures above, use only this entrance. Plenty of room to pull in with larger motor homes or trailers.
3. Don’t drive over the septic tank or septic lines.  Stay clost to the tree line on the right when you come in and along the creek and you should be just fine.
4. Watch out for the water meter beside the driveway.
5. Claim boundries are marked on the bank with yellow paint, if not visible the boundries are 30ft from the bridge on the upstream side and the tree line next to the horseshoe pit on the downstream side.  Please stay within the boundries of the property.
6. No discharging of firearms or unnecessary loud activity.
7. Fires only allowed in the existing large fire pit on the claim.
8. Dogs MUST be leashed and under control at all times.
9. If you bring a guest to the claim, it is your responsibility to see that they also strictly follow these rules.
11. No digging or prospecting within 30 feet from any bridge.

Double D North specific rules.  All Double D rules above still apply.

1. Claim access is through existing Double D camping/parking area only.
2.  Claim includes only East half of creek or the side opposite of the road.  The other half has different property owners in which we do not have permission from so please respect their property and maybe in the future we can get access.  Please remember these areas are private property and the landowners are granting us access.  Always be respectful of the claim owner’s and neighboring properties.
3.  Northern claim boundary is marked on a large tree on the East bank.
4.  Southern claim boundary is 30ft on the north side of the bridge.  Still no prospecting within 30ft of the bridge please.

If we follow these rules, we should have no issues maintaining our access to this property for a long time to come.

DoubleD Claim Picture Galleries – DoubleD Claim Pics

A Few Pics from the Double D Claim and some of the gold found there:

Double D GoldDoubleD GoldDouble D GoldDouble D Gold


Double D goldDouble D Gold


Double D EntranceOspa Sign