Worth Every Penny Claim

Claim is located on a nice strip of the Licking River.  Huge sandbar with lots to offer from gold to river glass to big chunks of aluminum from a plant upstream.  More info about the claim and exact boundaries are available on the members section of the forum.  This claim is still being explored but there have been some impressive finds just upstream.

Claim is open year round.


Just east of Newark, OH on the Licking River
Address and exact location is in the OSPA Members Board in the forum

Claim specific Rules to be observed while at the Scenic View claim.  The club rules still apply to all members and guests.

1. Claim is open year round.
2. Always have your membership card on you at all times.
3. No discharging of firearms or unnecessary loud activity.
4. Dogs MUST be leashed and under control at all times. There is livestock in the area and we don’t want to have any issues with a dog vs cow encounter.
5. If you bring a guest to the claim, it is your responsibility to see that they also follow these rules.
If we follow these few rules, we should have no issues with the owner when it comes to renewing our lease next year.

A Few Pics from an outing and some exploration before the signing of the lease.  Hope to have more soon:

Worth Every Penny Gold