Norris Claim

The Norris Claim is considered the Home Base of the OSPA and is located on an absolutely stunning stretch of the Kokosing River near Mt. Vernon, OH.  Lots of river to prospect and plenty of room for camping.  This claim has a pavilion for meetings, a rock fire pit and a port-o-potty.  There is plenty of room for camping and plenty of room for prospecting.


East of Mount Vernon, OH on Monroe Mills Rd.
Address and exact location available in the OSPA Members Board in the forum – only accessable with OSPA membership.  If you are a member and do not have access to this area, please Contact Us with your membership number and forum login ID.

Claim specific Rules:

1. Claim is open between April 1st and Sept 30th.
2. The gate is to be chained back up as you enter and leave the claim except on meeting days.
3. Stay out of the corn fields.
4. No driving beyond the gathering area.
5. No camping in the gathering area, there is plenty of other camping room and this is our main access point to the river.
6. No discharging of firearms or unnecessary loud activity.
7. No open pit camp fires, camp fires can be made only in the existing rock or barrel ring fire pits no new fire pits can be made, use only these fire pits for safety please!
8. If you insist on using the property during rainy weather, please help maintain the pathway by parking near the road and hiking in. This is at least until we get the new gravel placed in the couple of places in the road that tend to get soggy. We need to keep in out traffic to a minimum until we see how the road will hold up.
9. Dogs MUST be leashed and under control at all times. John, Rita, and Steven raise deer and cattle, we cannot have an incident concerning one of our dogs and their livestock.
10. If you bring a guest to the claim, it is your responsibility to see that they also follow these rules.
12. No digging or prospecting within 30 feet from any bridge.

The club rules still apply to all members and guests.

If we follow these few rules, we should have no issues with the owner when it comes to renewing our lease next year.

Norris Claim Picture Galleries – Click below to view:

Norris Claim General Pics – Hog Roast 20102010 Common DigHog Roast 2011

A Few Pics from the Norris Claim and some of the gold found there: